GMP-Compliant Facilities

HealthCanada registered & third-party audited

Every one of our warehouses are kept in meticulous shape, following the highest quality, safety, and cleanliness standards in the industry. Not only do we adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices at all our locations, we also invest in third-party auditing at our two larger facilities to verify our commitment to keeping your product safe.


24/7 temperature and humidity monitoring to protect your product

Secure & Protected

Alarmed, key-card entry, & 24/7 video surveillance

Modern Infrastructure

Preventative maintenance and monitoring of building & equipment

& Safe

Strict pest control, sanitation, & housekeeping systems

Why Does GMP Matter?

Simply put, investing in GMP compliance (and certification where appropriate) increases protection of your brand, minimizes risks, and demonstrates your commitment to product safety to your customers.

As a third-party logistics company, we aren’t manufacturing any product but that doesn’t make us any less committed to the safe holding, handling, and shipping of our clients’ products. We pride ourselves in the comprehensive quality assurance measures that ensure we are maintaining not only our own high standard of quality and safety but also that of the HealthCanada Administration.

First Class Facilities

Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice requirements means that ProPack’s facilities are kept clean, safe, and controlled.

  • Temperature-controlled and monitored
  • Video surveillance and keycard entry  
  • State-of-the-art sprinkler systems
  • Sophisticated lot-control and expiration date management
  • Direct-from-manufacturer quarantine holds
  • Pest control and strict cleanliness policies
  • Strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

PROTECT your Brand

Improper storage and handling of your natural health products is costly. Federal regulation violations can disrupt your supply chain and amass heavy penalties as well as posing a health risk to your customers.

Partnering with ProPack not only safeguards against costly fees but demonstrates a commitment to the well-being of your customers and preserves your brand’s reputation.