eCommerce Order Fulfillment

World-Class Direct-to-Consumer fulfillment for
companies of all sizes


ProPack’s facilities and teams are equipped to support companies in a variety of industries and are highly experienced in the safe storage, handling, and shipping of natural health and lot-controlled products.

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive quality assurance measures that ensure we are maintaining not only our own high standard of quality and safety but also that of HealthCanada and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

Supplements &
Natural Health
Skin & Beauty
Organic & Earth
Friendly Products
Fitness, Health, &
Wellness Products

Don’t see your industry or product listed? Get in touch and we’ll help you find a solution.


Whether it’s a simple Shopify connection or a customized approach via API, we work with you and our integration partners to seamlessly connect your system to ours.

Our custom-built software provides unparalleled transparency, giving you real-time visibility to monitor your inventory, orders, and shipments.

These are only a few of our shopping cart and integration partners.
We can connect to any platform – give us a call and we’ll come up with the right integration solution for you.

Our promise



Our process designers customize your picking layout intentionally to minimize storage requirements and optimize picking efficiency, allowing us to offer the lowest possible pick rates.

Following FIFO (first in, first out) and FEFO (first expired, first out) principles ensure inventory integrity. Barcode scanners are used at every step of the fulfillment process, ensuring the right product is picked, packed, and shipped every time.


Each of your orders is verified for accuracy, carefully packed by a skilled associate in the right-sized box (to keep shipping costs down) and secured with sustainable dunnage before being prepared for shipping.

We offer a variety of ProPack-sourced packaging options including mailers and boxes of all sizes. Looking for custom packaging or kitting? We do that too.


Our commitment to fast and accurate fulfillment means your orders, picked and packed to your specifications, are typically on the delivery truck the same day ready to reach your customers as quickly as possible. We’ve had years to establish relationships with all the major carriers, negotiating competitive rates that allow us to offer you the best possible shipping solutions at the most competitive price.

We tailor each shipping portfolio to your needs, whether you use one, two, or all six of our facilities. Next day, 2-day, overnight, international, economy, and everything in between, we have you covered.