The ProPack Advantage

3PLs like ours are here to save you money, create happy customers, and help you grow. By outsourcing your supply chain to ProPack you’ll gain peace of mind and the freedom to redirect your focus where it matters most – on the core operations of your business. Let us handle the logistics; you focus on thriving.

VP Operations

“They will do everything in their power to help their clients.

There is a strong personal touch when working with Propack. Whenever there is a problem to solve, I have true confidence that the relationship is just as important as the day-to-day dealings”

Shipping Solutions

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to your company’s shipping needs. ProPack creates a customized profile for your company with our strong portfolio of carrier partners that fits your budget.


We follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) at all our facilities and invest in third-party audits to certify compliance, emphasizing ProPack’s commitment to storing your products with the highest level of care. Climate-controlled, temperature and humidity monitoring, and top-notch security ensures your goods are protected 24/7.

Custom Technology

Technology matters when choosing the right 3PL for you. Our cutting-edge system drives accuracy and efficiency in every step of our fulfillment and inventory processes. Built in response to client needs, ProPack’s proprietary WMS (warehouse management system) was developed to provide not only the backbone to successful operations but also the visibility and control that our clients need.

Inventory Management

At ProPack you can rest assured knowing your inventory is in good hands. Our technology-driven processes ensures accuracy, safety, and real-time visibility at every step. We are omnichannel-equipped, providing comprehensive inventory management for both eCommerce and retail order fulfillment ensuring the right product is allocated, at the right time, every time.


Client satisfaction isn’t just a buzzword to us, it’s an integral part of our service offering. Our friendly and knowledgeable client care team and dedicated sales representatives create the bridge between our company and yours by providing exceptional support that is prompt, positive, and professional.